321Run gets you running

helps you make progress

and records your success

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Essential stats about your run

One screen says it all: distance, time, speed
when to start or stop. Because when you
put on your shoes, you're here for the distance.

And you find all this info after you've
finished, in the history along with you graphs.

You know where to start

You have programs and trainings to
get yourself to run regularly, increase the distance
beat your records.

You know how and where you start, you don't know
yet when you're gonna stop.

Connect your sport to your iPhone

You can use the GPS to record your
runs, but when it comes to serious training,
you can connect the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR belt to
listen to your heart, know your current heart rate, do zone training and record it.

We also support the Runalyzer key and 60beat

Review and improve

Review your current training, your
past runs and efforts, find the
best tracks you've run on.

Beating your past self is the
best way to make progress. Engage in a
virtual competition with yourself.

And so much more

Tap the screen for instant performance, get a 10s update on your heart rate, create your own trainings, export to 321run.com, export by email, review your graphs, choose among 5 training programs, export to TrailRunner, loose weight…